North 7:
Flying Bar “Knife 8”

17.02 - 21.02
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Sat 11:00 - 20:00
Sun 11:00 - 15:00
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North 7:
Flying Bar “Knife 8”

North-7 – group of artists emerged from the experimental research base founded in 2013 by a group of graduate friends from St.Petersburg State Secondary Art School and ProArte Foundation School for Young Artists. The artists investigate national context with little regard for existing institutional frameworks or intellectual trends.

The North-7 group returns to the Barents Spektakel festival, where they will present a reincarnation of their itinerant project – the ghost bar Knife 8. The previous version was implemented by the group in 2016 in the abandoned Seaman’s House in Kirkenes. The work becomes the ‘ghost-knife’, which may be able to cut national, geographical, political borders, stereotypes and conventional art schemes. 

This time the travelling bar “Knife”, realised remotely by the artists with the assistance of volunteers and the festival team, will take local residents and guests on a tour of traditional drunken sledging, and will also show a film about the culture of Russian drinking, based on the works of William Pokhlyobkin, and filled with the aromas of Siberian roots and berries of the Volga region… 

The design of the sleigh bar itself resembles a “couch” as a means of transportation – the simple-minded hero of Russian fairy tales, Ivan the Fool, who ultimately turns out to be the smartest due to his light and unconventional approach to life’s difficulties. The bar also resembles a tattered boot for inflating a samovar, transformed by some insane self-taught genius into a moving kinetic object. 

Also within the framework of the project, viewers will see a film shot by artists at the Antrop-1 field station, filled with the spirit of wandering through abandoned outskirts, the poetics of the new Middle Ages and the manual technology from the time of the collapse of the technoscientific worldview.

Flying Bar Knife 8 was developed in dialogue with Pikene på Broen for Barents Spektakel 2021.