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Judith Hamann
Clara de Asís & Mara Winter Adrián Demoč
Emmanuel Holterbach & Blutwurst
Nadya Yukhnovets
Elina Waage Mikalsen
Tine Surel Lange

Other credits:

Simon Reynell & Another Timbre

In a turbulent year it is essential to find time and space to sit and reflect, and to listen to the world with a peaceful mind. The lydstua at the Pavillion is a reawakening of an old social space in the centre of Kirkenes in the depths of winter, as it becomes a venue for experimental music and soundart under Barents Spektakel 2021.

Under cosy heat lamps, relax as the works in the collection (each one has been released, produced, composed or exhibited for the first time in a world changed by Covid-19) emerge out of the silence through a chance-determined playlist. Featuring works by Judith Hamann, Clara de Asís & Mara Winter, Adrián Demoč, Emmanuel Holterbach & Blutwurst, Nadya Yukhnovets, Elina Waage Mikalsen, and Tine Surel Lange.

The experience of listening deeply, and the combination of silence and chance-organised sound opens up possibilities to accept the unexpected and respond to situations that are beyond control or reasonable prediction. During a year of unexpected events, creative responses can also come from unexpected places.

Repetition of the same dream was created by Clara de Asís and Mara Winter during quarantine from COVID-19 in Basel, Switzerland. The work is part of the ‘Quarantine Commissions’ project commissioned and initiated by Simon Reynell at Another Timbre.

Days collapse was composed by Judith Hamann during quarantine on Suomenlinna, Helsinki while the artist was on residency on the Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP). The work is part of the ‘Quarantine Commissions’ project commissioned and initiated by Simon Reynell at Another Timbre.

HLAHOLIKA was composed by Adrián Demoč during quarantine in spring 2020. The work is part of the ‘Quarantine Commissions’ project commissioned and initiated by Simon Reynell at Another Timbre.

In Nadya Yukhnovets’s work, the artist explores the acoustic environment which is formed during a sports game – a site which is usually saturated with numerous sound events, in which both the participants in the game and those who are watching it are naturally involved. Redirecting attention from the visible dimension of the ‘sports performance’ to its sounding dimension, and then interacting with it becomes the driving interest. The collection was made in 2017 in Kirkenes and produced for Barents Spektakel 2021.

Rođu Govkkit Glenner i Vier by Elina Waage Mikasen is a composition of voice, electronics, and field recordings. It was released on cassette as well as digitally in July 2020.

Ricercar Nell’ombre (Vuoto, Energia, Rilievo) draws on Emmanuel Holterbach’s long-standing interest in the history of Italian music as well as the physical encounters of hiking through landscapes. Based on the notes of the opening melody of Ricercar III by Francesco Guami in the 16th Century,  Holterbach reforms the work, combining the given notes into extended pitches, chords and resonances. For this piece, the composer worked with Blutwurst, who are currently comprised of Luisa Santacesaria (Harmonium), Marco Baldini (Trumpet), Daniela Fantechi (Accordion), Edoardo Ricci (Bass Clarinet), Maurizio Costantini (Double Bass), Michele Lanzini (Cello),  and Cristina Abati (Viola). The work was released by Another Timbre in March 2020.

Midnight Sun Ritual by Tine Surel Lange was originally a 45-minute audiovisual live performance for processed sounding objects from everyday life. The work was a ritual for the changing times of 2020 – and possibly a ritual for changing the times as well, that is yet to see. Sound sources: A wine glass and metal binders, a Korean metal rice bowl and metal chopsticks, a tongue drum, and water.