Barents Spektakel Slow-TV

18:00 - 20:00
Hybrid (Local and Digital)

Barents Spektakel Slow-TV

The video will be released after the festival.

At various times during the past year we have all had to get used to a slightly slower pace of life and living. We’ve also not been able to travel and experience the things we’d ordinarily like to do, and many regular visitors of Barents Spektakel from across the border will miss out on the physical experience of the exhibition this year.

When travel is not possible, what better way to ‘visit’ the exhibition than through the popular Nordic medium of ‘slow tv’? Barents Spektakel Slow TV will open up a journey through Kirkenes to the exhibition venues, outdoor exhibits, pop up events (and all of the everyday life that happens in between) on the evening that the festival opens.

Directed by Johanna Nyström, together with Jona Kleinlein, Hamid Waheed and Andrea White Hveding.