Lighting up the Town

17.02 - 21.02
Hybrid (Local and Digital)

Lighting up the Town

Barents Spektakel will decorate the town with light during this year’s edition festival!

Pikene på Broen will light up essential buildings, share messages from the Barents region, and, with Evgeny Goman and Torbjørn T. Sandnes in collaboration with Barents Bird and Center of Contemporary Art “21 A”, the festival will install a ‘Light Telephone’ connecting the people of Murmansk and Kirkenes.

There will also be set up an interactive light installation in gågata in Kirkenes, where you as an audience can control the light by attending a facebook event!

Local partners include: Sydvaranger Industriområde, Kirkenes Sykehus, Kirkenes Turisthotell, Kirkenes Skole, Kirkenes Rådhus, and Kimek AS.